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Passionate about smiles and it shows!

Dental Implants

From screw retained to cement retained, from single crowns to full mouth restorations – we speak Implant.

100% White

Metal free dental restorations made of high quality zirconia, lithium disilicate, feldspar and composite materials.

Crown and Bridge

More traditional, strong and time proven porcelain fused to metal restorations on selection of dental alloys.

New Tech

Embrace the future and offer it to your patients now. Know your Poly-Ether-Ketone-Ketone (Pekkton) from Prettau zirconia.

Support Guarantee

We aim to give you the very best in quality service and patient care. If problem arises we will work on it until both clinician and patient are satisfied.

Innovative Ideas

We are working hard at every level to embrace and develop new ideas and processes in order  to solve problems and to achieve better end result.

Advanced Technology

We continue to lead by offering exclusive products and integrating the latest technology advancements for the fabrication of today’s restorative demands.


Clear Communication

Communicating clearly allows us to get things done effectively, obtain information, make decisions and develop positive business relationships.

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